​​​​Missouri Veterinary Technicians Association

2017 Scholarship Winner:  Carol Anselmo 

Also in the photograph:  Dr. Morrow

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President - Katie Willis, RVT
Vice President - Stacie DeClue, RVT
Treasurer - Brian Royce, RVT
Secretary - Katie Willis, RVT
Membership Chair - Melissa Bartlett, RVT
Scholarship Chair - Jessica Leary, RVT
Communications Director - Stacie DeClue, RVT

MVMA Chair - Whitney Fahrendorf, RVT

CVC Chair - Julie Rutherford, RVT

​Event Coordination - Alyce Kuthe, RVT

​Board Member - Anastasia Glahn, RVT

​Board Member - Alyce Kuthe, RVT

​Board Member - Jessica Rader, RVT

Board Member - Savannah Smith, RVT

The Missouri Veterinary Technicians Association was established in 1974.  Since that time, the organization

has been the leading voice representing Missouri registered veterinary technicians

and support staff working in private practice, research, academia and government throughout the state of Missouri.  There are over 650 actively Registered Veterinary Technicians in the state of Missouri. The mission of the MVTA is to represent, promote and advance the field of veterinary technology through education, legislation

and by providing superior animal care.

Current Board Members